CBD oil and pregnancy: What you need to know

CBD oil and pregnancy: What you need to know

CBD oil and other products are all the rage right now. No matter what your condition, someone will recommend it to you. What about CBD oil in pregnancy? Is it safe to use? Is it safe for the baby? What are the best times and reasons to use CBD oil in pregnancy? This article will answer your questions and give you evidence-based research. Before you take any action during pregnancy, consult your doctor or midwife.
Pregnancy Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil can be used in many ways to reduce or relieve the symptoms of pregnancy.

Nausea is a common symptom of pregnancy. It can occur in both the morning and in the early stages. CBD can be used to relieve nausea. However, more research is needed to determine if CBD has any effects on the foetus.

Anxiety and Depression: No matter if you have a history of mental illness, pregnancy can cause or exacerbate anxiety and depression. CBD has been proven to be a relief for those with anxiety and depression.

Pregnancy problems: Insomnia, sleeping problems and insomnia can affect quality of sleep. CBD is an effective alternative to sedatives or sleeping pills, and can even be addictive.

Anxiety and pains: During pregnancy, the body produces more progesterone which can lead to increased aches and pains, strains, and sprains. CBD is an effective pain relief agent that doesn't cause side effects like other pain medications.

Risks Of Using CBD In Pregnancy

Some research studies that looked at the effects of marijuana on pregnancy have shown that marijuana does not affect the brain development and growth of the baby. The effects of CBD products on the baby's brain development are unknown. The majority of research on Cannabis use and pregnancy (see the list at the bottom of the article), focus on illegal smoking and Marijuana. This often leads to behavioural problems later in life and low birth weight. Low birth weight is often caused by smoke inhalation.

CBD products don't contain any psychoactive components of cannabis, so they won't get you high. It is still being researched whether CBD products are safe for use during pregnancy. Because of ethical concerns, it is difficult to conduct research about medications and substances and their effects on pregnancy. If you gave something in a research study that had a negative impact on the baby's life, that would not be approved. You must find women who have used the product.

Many mothers decide to take it at home to ease their symptoms. There are many ways to use it. For example, creams, oils, and tablets all work in their own unique way. If you are interested in taking it, please consult your doctor or midwife.

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Sizing Chart

Since every baby grows at his/her own pace, measure the baby's height for the best fit. It is much more accurate than going off of the baby's age. Call us with any questions and we will be happy to help you determine the best fit for your baby.

Newborn Onesie's

Size Weight Height
Newborn (NB) 5-8 Ibs. / 2.3-3.6 kg 17-21 in. / 43.2-53.3 cm
0-3M 6-12 Ibs. / 3.6-5.4 kg 21-24 in. / 53.3-61 cm
0-6M Up to 16 Ibs. / Up to 7.3 kg 17-21 in. / 43.2-53.3 cm
3-6M 12-16 Ibs. / 5.4-7.3 kg 24-26 in. / 61-66 cm
3-9M 12-20 Ibs. / 5.4-9.1 kg 24-28 in. / 61-71.1 cm
6-9M 16-20 Ibs. / 7.3-9.1 kg 26-28 in. / 66-71.1 cm
12M 20-24 Ibs. / 9.1-10.9 kg 28-30 in. / 71.1-76.2 cm
18M 24-28 Ibs. / 10.9-12.7 kg 30-32 in. / 76.2-81.3 cm
24M / 2T 28-32 Ibs. / 12.7-14.5 kg 32-34 in. / 81.3-86.4 cm
3T 32-35 Ibs. / 14.5-15.9 kg 34-38 in. / 86.4-96.5 cm
4T 35-39 lbs. / 15.9-17.7 kg 38-40 in. / 96.5-101.6 cm
5T 39-43 lbs. / 17.7-19.5 kg 40-44 in. / 101.6-111.8 cm

Cotton Pajamas

Garments are designed to fit snug for child's safety.

Size Weight Height
6M 12-16 Ibs. / 5.4-7.3 kg 24-27 in. / 61-68.6 cm
12M 16-20 Ibs. / 7.3-9.1 kg 27-30 in. / 68.6-76.2 cm
18M 20-24 Ibs. / 9.1-10.9 kg 30-33 in. / 76.2-83.8 cm
24M / 2T 24-28 Ibs. / 10.9-12.7 kg 33-35 in. / 83.8-88.9 cm
3T 28-32 Ibs. / 12.7-14.5 kg 35-39 in. / 88.9-99.1 cm
4T 32-36 Ibs. / 14.5-16.3 kg 39-42 in. / 99.1-106.7 cm
5T 36-42 Ibs. / 16.3-19.1 kg 42-44 in. / 106.7-111.8 cm


New Balance Boys

17-19 inches
39-41 inches
19-20 inches
41-45 inches
20-22 inches
45-46 inches
22-23 inches
47-50 inches
23-24 inches
50-54 inches
24-25 inches
54-58 inches
25-27 inches
58-62 inches
27-28 inches
62-67 inches


New Balance Girls

Size Waist Height
4 17-19 inches 39-41 inches
5 19-20 inches 41-45 inches
6 20-21 inches 45-46 inches
6x 21-22 inches 46-48 inches
7/8 22-23 inches 48-52 inches
10/12 23-25 inches 52-58 inches
14 25-27 inches 58-61 inches
16 27-29 inches 61-63 inches