How to Recover From Illness as a Parent

How to Recover From Illness as a Parent

It is never easy to come back from a setback like an illness or accident. It doesn't really matter if the illness is physical or mental. Being a parent makes it more difficult. All this can be happening while you struggle with your health. You also have to take care of your children. You must ensure that your children get to school on time, are fed and looked after. It is difficult to bounce back. It's possible that you have lost your confidence or something more tangible. It's possible. It's possible to achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Everybody comes back in their own way. You might find it easier to bounce back than others, and if you are having trouble, there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone is different and what works one way may not work for another.

Focus on Finances

You need to be mindful of your finances if you are out of work. You might be lucky to have a partner earning good wages, but you must ensure that your family is taken care of. You might be eligible for compensation depending on the circumstances. Focus on creating a budget if you are struggling. You will be able to pay your bills and put food on the tables, while focusing on the essentials of life that are often the most important. It is also a good idea to cut back on unnecessary spending. It's important to realize that not everything is necessary. You will only need to do this for the short-term until your finances get back on track.

Do not be afraid to ask for help
Sometimes, people don't like to ask. Even when they are at their most vulnerable. You have to ask. Ask for help if you have loving and supportive family and friends. They might be able to help you shop if it's difficult for you to get out on your own. They might be able to help you find childcare, or even take care of it. You might be surprised at what some people will offer to help you. There are still ways you can help yourself if you don't have a close-knit group. You may find social groups nearby that can assist you in certain ways. There may also be community outreach programs available to help you if you are really struggling. Take a look on the internet to see what assistance you can find in your community.

Focus on Something Practical
Focusing on something that means a lot to your heart is one of the best ways you can bounce back. You might decide to start exercising again. This will allow you to do it slowly until you get back in the same spot you were before. Focusing on a goal you have always wanted may be a good idea. Make the most of your time. You might want to start your own online product business. You might want to write a script or blog about your recovery. Even if you are in bed for a long time, there is always something to keep your attention. You should be focusing on something concrete! It can make it easier to reach for your goal if you have a clear vision.

Set New Expectations
Children won't be able to expect you to be as healthy or happy as you were before you got sick. Don't try to live up too much. You'll get in trouble and make things worse. You must start by telling them that you will not be running around the house playing games with them for a few weeks, and then you can move on to other things. It may be difficult for them to accept at first. They may be confused if they are young. Explain to them what's happening and why you won't be able do the same thing as before. They'll soon get it. It is not going to help anyone to behave the same way as before and could even cause you to lose some of your independence.

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Sizing Chart

Since every baby grows at his/her own pace, measure the baby's height for the best fit. It is much more accurate than going off of the baby's age. Call us with any questions and we will be happy to help you determine the best fit for your baby.

Newborn Onesie's

Size Weight Height
Newborn (NB) 5-8 Ibs. / 2.3-3.6 kg 17-21 in. / 43.2-53.3 cm
0-3M 6-12 Ibs. / 3.6-5.4 kg 21-24 in. / 53.3-61 cm
0-6M Up to 16 Ibs. / Up to 7.3 kg 17-21 in. / 43.2-53.3 cm
3-6M 12-16 Ibs. / 5.4-7.3 kg 24-26 in. / 61-66 cm
3-9M 12-20 Ibs. / 5.4-9.1 kg 24-28 in. / 61-71.1 cm
6-9M 16-20 Ibs. / 7.3-9.1 kg 26-28 in. / 66-71.1 cm
12M 20-24 Ibs. / 9.1-10.9 kg 28-30 in. / 71.1-76.2 cm
18M 24-28 Ibs. / 10.9-12.7 kg 30-32 in. / 76.2-81.3 cm
24M / 2T 28-32 Ibs. / 12.7-14.5 kg 32-34 in. / 81.3-86.4 cm
3T 32-35 Ibs. / 14.5-15.9 kg 34-38 in. / 86.4-96.5 cm
4T 35-39 lbs. / 15.9-17.7 kg 38-40 in. / 96.5-101.6 cm
5T 39-43 lbs. / 17.7-19.5 kg 40-44 in. / 101.6-111.8 cm

Cotton Pajamas

Garments are designed to fit snug for child's safety.

Size Weight Height
6M 12-16 Ibs. / 5.4-7.3 kg 24-27 in. / 61-68.6 cm
12M 16-20 Ibs. / 7.3-9.1 kg 27-30 in. / 68.6-76.2 cm
18M 20-24 Ibs. / 9.1-10.9 kg 30-33 in. / 76.2-83.8 cm
24M / 2T 24-28 Ibs. / 10.9-12.7 kg 33-35 in. / 83.8-88.9 cm
3T 28-32 Ibs. / 12.7-14.5 kg 35-39 in. / 88.9-99.1 cm
4T 32-36 Ibs. / 14.5-16.3 kg 39-42 in. / 99.1-106.7 cm
5T 36-42 Ibs. / 16.3-19.1 kg 42-44 in. / 106.7-111.8 cm


New Balance Boys

17-19 inches
39-41 inches
19-20 inches
41-45 inches
20-22 inches
45-46 inches
22-23 inches
47-50 inches
23-24 inches
50-54 inches
24-25 inches
54-58 inches
25-27 inches
58-62 inches
27-28 inches
62-67 inches


New Balance Girls

Size Waist Height
4 17-19 inches 39-41 inches
5 19-20 inches 41-45 inches
6 20-21 inches 45-46 inches
6x 21-22 inches 46-48 inches
7/8 22-23 inches 48-52 inches
10/12 23-25 inches 52-58 inches
14 25-27 inches 58-61 inches
16 27-29 inches 61-63 inches