How to keep baby cool at night in hot weather

How to keep baby cool at night in hot weather

You're probably asking yourself how to keep your baby cool at night if you're reading this. Summer is serious around here. Bedrooms become stuffy and warm. Children as young as two years old suffer from high temperatures. These tips will show you how to prepare your child's bedroom without AC so that they can sleep comfortably.

1. Increase their fluid intake
Baby can require up to 50% more breastmilk on hot days than they usually do. Make sure your baby has plenty of water to drink, other than their regular meals. You should increase your fluid intake if you are breastfeeding to increase your milk supply.

You can give your baby a little bit of boiled water if they drink formula.

Your baby can now drink water from a cup once they reach 6 months of age or are weaned. To keep your baby cool, they can also drink other fluids if they are older than 1. You can also drink diluted fruit juice, or popsicles. They will drink more if they like the taste of the liquids.

You can also keep them out of direct sunlight and in the shade to maintain their fluid levels. Fluid retention is greater when they are cooler than usual.

2. Give them a cool bath
Cool baths can help bring your baby's body temperature down before they go to bed. To cool your baby, but not too cold, you should choose a lukewarm bath over a warm or cold one.

A bath before bedtime can lower your baby's core temperature which will help them sleep better. Cooler temperatures will make them sleep longer and more happy.

3. Use a Cold Compress
You can use a cold compress to cool your baby if they are already very hot. Cold compresses can be made on-the-spot if you don't own one.

To cool your baby down, you can use anything, from a wet shirt to some ice cubes wrapped around a washcloth. Wrap some muslin around an Ice Pack or Ice Cubes. The muslin will serve as a barrier between the baby's skin & the ice. You can also use an icepack to keep your baby cool in their crib until they reach normal body temperature.

4. Place them on cool surfaces
When you place your baby to sleep, or to rest, check the temperature. Some materials, such as fleece, will be warmer than others, but they are soft. Choose a thinner, more breathable material like cotton or muslin.

A cooling mat might be worth your consideration. Some mats use a special hydrophilic cooling gel. To further enhance its cooling effects, it can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. On particularly hot summer days, a cold cooling mat can be used to cool your baby.

5. Wear lightweight clothing
Lightweight clothing is best for babies with a fever. Their clothing can have a significant impact on their temperature, just as adults. Lightweight clothing should cover their legs and arms. Don't be afraid to remove layers if they have a fever.

6. Cotton sheets

Cotton sheets are the best choice for keeping your baby cool at nights. They allow heat to flow through them. Nylon, for example, traps heat and absorbs sweat.

You can use a waterproof sheet if you prefer. To keep it from touching baby's skin, you can layer several cotton sheets over it.

7. Comfortable Clothes for Your Pets

Comfortable clothes will keep baby cool at night, even if they don't have AC. Although it may seem obvious, the fabric can also determine if the clothing is appropriate for summer nights.

Your baby will need one layer more of clothing than you do to keep them comfortable. If you don't feel like wearing anything, let your baby wear just one layer of clothing. To avoid irritation and heat, dress them in loose layers.

8. Sleep Downstairs

Baby can be kept cool by going downstairs at night if you don't have AC. The heat rises so the lower levels in your house will usually be cooler than those at the top. You won't have to stay down for too long if you don't experience heatwaves.

9. Make Use Of A Fan

Baby can be kept cool with gadgets or detachable fans. To keep baby cool, attach a fan to their crib.

Use a large fan to cool the room, but not at the baby. To keep the room cooler, you can place a towel or sheet on top of the fan. You should place the towel or sheet in front of your fan but not directly on top.

Another trick is to use a cold water container. Fans can blow hot air into the room, but it could also mean that they are only blowing hot air. A frozen water bottle should be taken out of the freezer about an hour before you go to bed. The fan will blow cold air around the water bottle as you place it in front of it. This will lower the temperature and allow the water to defrost so that it doesn't get too cold.

10. Keep their room cool

By closing the curtains, blinds and windows during the day, you can keep the room cool at night. This will keep the room cool before you go to bed.

Bamboo blinds are a favorite choice for mothers. Bamboo blinds keep the heat out of the room and block direct sunlight.

Even if you don't own air conditioning, there are still ways to cool your baby in hot weather. This article will help you to get your baby sleeping soundly within no time.

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