All the Pregnancy Tests! What Works and What Doesn't

All the Pregnancy Tests! What Works and What Doesn't

Am I Pregnant?

You don't want an answer to this question if it's one you are asking. You may have seen or heard stories about DIY pregnancy tests and are now tempted to give them a try. We can help if you are. We have people who have done every possible at-home pregnancy test. We can help you decide which ones are worth your time and which should be skipped.

What is a DIY pregnancy testing?

Mixing urine with household items, such as cleaners or toiletries, can be used to make a DIY pregnancy test. It is hoped that the chemicals in these products will react with the hormone human-chorionic gonadotropin, which is vital for pregnancy and can indicate that a woman may be pregnant. If you get the desired response, then you are pregnant. If you don't, you are not. But are they effective? Let's find the answer.

Sugar Pregnancy Test

Method: To make a few ounces of urine, add a teaspoon of sugar.

The promise: Sugar in normal urine will dissolve. If the sugar in your urine forms clumps, then you are pregnant.

Truth is, the sugar dissolves. If you add too much, the sugar will settle on the bottom of your container. A woman claimed to have seen tiny clumps of sugar, but it wasn't enough to prove her belief.

Conclusion: Use your sugar to bake a sweet treat.

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

Method: Combine a few drops from urine with one tablespoon of white toothpaste.

The promise: Your urine will cause the toothpaste to turn blue.

Truth is, nothing happens. This method did not produce any changes in toothpaste-pee mixture.

Conclusion: Keep your toothpaste handy to prevent cavities from sweet treats.

Salt Pregnancy Test

Method: To make it easy, add 2 tablespoons salt to several ounces urine.

Promise: If the mixture appears milky- or cheesey when it is stirred, you are pregnant!

Truth is, the urine from a pregnant woman was slightly milkier than that of a control woman. However, the difference was not noticeable. Do you have plans to have a friend poop with you so that you can compare the results? We didn't believe so.

Conclusion: Don't save your salt for...literally, anything else. This is a waste of time.

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

The method is to add a few spoons of baking soda and a few ounces urine.

The promise: If the mixture foams or froths, it's possible to get pregnant.

Truth is, there was some foaming. However, the control also foamed some. Perhaps that's what happens when baking soda meets urea. Perhaps it was too vigorously shaken? It's hard to say but I wouldn't be satisfied if there were inconclusive results.

Conclusion: I think it's worth trying.

Bleach Pregnancy Test

Mix powdered bleach or liquid bleach with several ounces urine.

The promise: If it becomes foamy and bubbly you will be pregnant.

Truth is, there was foam in the urine. However, it was present in both the control and test urine. This is enough reason to doubt any results of this method. But, there are other compelling reasons to avoid this mixture. Chlorine gas is produced when bleach is mixed with ammonia. In large enough doses, chlorine gas can be fatal. However, it is still dangerous in low doses. Even a small amount can cause watery eyes, irritation of the nose and throats, coughing, shortness or breath, wheezing chest pain, nausea, and even vomiting. Mixing urine with bleach can expose you to chlorine gas. Urine is a rich source of ammonia.

Conclusion: Avoid this dangerous idea.

The list goes on. There are three types of pregnancy tests: a wine pregnancy testing, a vinegar pregnancy testing, and a Tylenol or hydrogen peroxide pregnancy testing. You can also "test" with PineSol, dandelion leaves and the juice of a tuna can. They all end up with the same result: none. It is impossible to make your own pregnancy test.

Although these tests are popular and fun, they can be inaccurate and even dangerous. If you do not test positive but are pregnant, it's possible that you may have done something to cause harm to the baby. This could include strenuous exercise and alcohol consumption. Buy a pre-purchased pregnancy test if you suspect you might be pregnant. Don't trust DIY pregnancy tests.

Which pregnancy test is best?

We've made the decision to use a professional-made pregnancy test. Which one is the best? Which one is the most reliable? Which is fastest? Which is the most affordable? We've got your back again.

Which is the most reliable pregnancy test?

This is good news! Good news! Home pregnancy testing technology has been around for so long that even a Dollar Tree test can give reliable results. As long as you use a store-bought test, reliability is not an issue.

What is the cheapest pregnancies test?

You are mistaken if you think that the lowest priced pregnancy test at a dollar store is the best. You can find cheaper ones at Amazon! See below for reviews of several brands.

Test: VeriQuick Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

Price: $1

Time to develop: 23.7 seconds

Notes: The dropper system is used to send the urine to the right place. A dollar store pregnancy test can be quick and accurate if you need results quickly and don't want to wait for Amazon. You might just be the one who wins!

Take a look at the Clinical Guard Pregnancy Test Strips

Prices vary depending on how many you purchase. They cost $0.36 each if you buy 20 packs for $7.29. They cost $0.18 each if you buy 100 at $17.99. They're still cheaper than the equivalent dollar store items.

Time to develop: 22.4 seconds

Notes: The test strips can be used in the same way as a traditional pregnancy test. However, the plastic packaging has been removed. You might wonder why you would need so many tests. Regular pregnancy tests are necessary for anyone who has difficulty conceiving, is trying to conceive or plans to have many children. Having 20, 50, 100 or more may seem reasonable. You can also split the package with friends if that is not your situation. These strips are fast, accurate, and easy to use. They also come with all the efficiency Amazon has to offer.

What is the earliest I can take a pregnancy test?

Understanding fertilization and implantation is the best way to determine when you should take a pregnancy test. Although the implanting of a fertilized egg may take anywhere from 6 to 12 days after fertilization it usually takes between 8 and 10 days. After a fertilized egg is implanted, the body starts producing hCG. This is what pregnancy tests look for. The earliest time you can detect hCG if you become pregnant on the day of ovulation is 8 days. Your period usually begins 14 days after your ovulation. Any test that is performed if you wait for your period to stop should be valid. Mayo Clinic recommends waiting until your period is missed to take a home test. This will ensure that you get accurate results. You may be able test earlier if you are actively trying to conceive, and have been monitoring your ovulation. Early tests are a great option. Early tests can be used to determine if you are pregnant. They can test you for it 5 to 6 days before most other tests. 8 days after ovulation is the earliest time a fertilized egg will have implanted. These are some you might want to consider.

Pregnancy tests by David

Price: 6 packs, including 3 sticks and 3 strips to double your accuracy. This is $1.36 per test or $2.72 per testing if you buy one of each.

Time to develop: 23.3 seconds strip, 39 seconds stick

Notes: This test works 6 days sooner than regular pregnancy tests. This is a nice and reassuring option.

Test: PregMate Pregnancy Test Strips

Price: 50 boxes for $14.95 each, $0.30 each

Time to develop: 2 min 15 seconds

Notes: Although these tests can detect pregnancy five days earlier than other tests they are not accurate. It was slow and inconsistent. Amazon recommends this brand but we don't.

Clearblue Early Pregnancy Test 6 Days Sooner

Box of 2 for $4.49

Time to develop: 49 seconds

Notes: Fast, accurate and a trusted brand. However, it is still affordable in the grand scheme.

What is the fastest pregnancies test?

Sometimes, you just want to know the results. You might be a candidate for a rapid pregnancy test.

Clearblue Digital and Rapid Pregnancy Testing

Box of 4 with 2 digital and 2 rapid. You pay $4 for each test or $8 if the two types are used together

Time for development: 17 seconds for rapid, 2 minutes 12 seconds digital

Notes: The kit includes 2 tests. The digital test confirms the results of the first test and gives you certainty. If you are concerned about how to interpret traditional line tests' results, the digital test can be helpful. While they take longer to create, the digital readout provides a definitive answer. It will say "Yes" or "Pregnant", or sometimes both.

Test: Triple-check First Response Test Kit

Price: $14.39 each for 3 tests

Time to develop: 46.5 sec for the regular test, 41sec for the rapid test, and 3 min 28sec for the digital test.

Notes: This kit was both the most expensive and slowest among all those tested. It is not something I would recommend.

Pregnancy Test Problems

Even if you have purchased several pregnancy tests, sometimes the results are incorrect. Here are some possible issues and solutions.

False Negatives

False negative is a false positive that says you aren't pregnant, when in fact you are. False negatives are more common than false positives and can happen for many reasons.

Too little hCG

The pregnancy test works by measuring the amount of hCG present in your body. The egg is implanted into the uterus by hCG, so you won't get an hCG test if you do not test before fertilization.

When is it appropriate to take a pregnancy test

If you have been following your period, you can take the test two days before your period. If you have been following your cycle, you can take the test as soon as 8 days after ovulation. However, if you don't, it is best to wait for hCG to buildup in your system to avoid wasteful tests.

Low hCG can also be caused by other factors

It is best to have your pregnancy test done in the morning. This is when the hCG in the urine will be most concentrated. It is possible to have too little hCG to make the test work. The urine can be diluted if you drink a lot of fluids during the day. It is best to use the first urine you take in the morning.

A Faulty Test

Pregnancy tests come with a control, just like all scientific tests. This is a line that indicates that the test is working. If the test results are negative and this line appears, then you can (fairly) be confident that the test is correct. If the test line does not appear, it is invalid and you will need to test again.

False positives

False negatives are more common than false positives, but they are still possible.

A Pregnancy Test: Evaporation Line

A pregnancy test will tell you that it is best to wait for the results to be available before reading them. Evaporation lines are the reason. This line can form after the prescribed time and has no effect on the test results. The test lines should be either blue or pink depending on the brand, but the evaporation line, which is almost completely grayish, is not colorable. It is extremely faint and thin, almost absent. If you are trying to conceive, any positive result might be appealing to your attention. Be careful not to be deceived by evaporation lines. The test results should be read within the time limit. If the test is not satisfactory, throw it away. (Unless the test is positive and you wish to share it with others. You might want to take a photo, as urine can dry out and fade.

Too much hCG

There are several ways that your body might have detected hCG, but not be pregnant.

Early Miscarriage

You may find a miscarrying pregnancy if you test early. This is not a false positive. It means that you were temporarily pregnant but the pregnancy was unviable due to chromosomal and other problems. These early miscarriages can often occur so quickly you wouldn't know if your test wasn't done at the right time. You may feel confused if your period starts again after you have tested positive. You can either test again or visit a doctor.

Ectopic Pregnancy

About 2% of all pregnancies in America are ectopic. Ectopic pregnancy refers to a situation in which the fertilized eggs implant outside the uterus. This is not a viable pregnancy and can lead to severe bleeding or even death if it isn't treated. The body will produce hCG once the egg has been implanted. A pregnancy test will show a positive result. The egg will begin to grow and it will likely miscarry. A woman experiencing an ectopic pregnancy might feel sharp pains in her pelvis, abdomen or neck. You may feel dizzy, faint or have vaginal bleeding. You should immediately seek medical attention if you suspect that you may be experiencing an ectopic baby.

IVF Injections

Sometimes, hCG is given to a woman who is going through IVF. This helps trigger the release and fertilization of eggs. An at-home pregnancy test could result in a false positive if the test detects the injection of hCG to aid egg release. It is highly recommended that you wait to have your blood drawn by a doctor if you are currently in IVF. This will prevent false positives from IVF-related ICG injections.

Medical Problems

Rarely, false positives on pregnancy tests can indicate certain types of cancer. Some tumors may also produce hCG. Seek medical attention if you have positive pregnancy tests but are experiencing undiagnosed pain or bleeding.

When should you see a doctor?

The best way to get accurate results is to know when your period should be and then test one day after you miss it. After you have received a positive result, it is advisable to schedule an exam. This will likely take place around 10-12 weeks into your pregnancy. Ask to be seen sooner if you have ever had any complications or suspect that something is wrong. It doesn't hurt to be informed.

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